Apr. 28, 2021

For my final project I wanted to create something that would allow me to use a wide range of the samples I created throughout the semester and reflect on my experiences of attending the semester mostly online.

Forget Me Nots Shower

36” x 38” x 14”

Shibori-dyed fabric and cord strung from acrylic in wood frames

The pieces are intended to be looked through by viewers and obstruct their view of one another. The floral, fabric “rain” obscures the viewer’s gaze and acts as a reminder that we don’t always see the whole person or the whole truth behind a situation. People are often suffering internally despite the positive attitude they present to the world. As a new resident of Virginia and transfer student at JMU I struggled to build connections with my peers and mentors during online learning. While outwardly I tried to keep an upbeat attitude, inside I struggled with feelings of loneliness and isolation throughout the semester.