Lauren Patrell is a young, aspiring artist whose career is just now coming into bloom. Her earliest artistic interests sprung from her grandmother’s garden, and now from the natural world around her, as she channels verdant fields of daisies, rugged cacti, and twisting vines as conduits for emotion. She translates her feelings best by fibers, but her repertoire weaves through ceramics, analog photography, charcoal, and collage. As seen in her sculptural pieces, Rose Path and Note Card Blanket, she explores accumulation in reverence to nature’s procreative drive. Currently, Lauren is pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts at James Madison University with a concentration in fibers.

Lauren started her own purse company, Limited Production by Lauren Patrell (LP by LP), in 2013. From 2013 to 2017 her purses were sold at various art galleries and shows throughout Michigan, including the Detroit Artist Market, the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, and the Huron Valley Artist Market. All remaining purses are now available in Lauren’s Etsy Shop.

Lauren is also trained as a custom framer, previously working at Frames Unlimited in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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