Using Non Fiction Text to Teach Resistance in a Democratic Society

By: Kelly Welsh

“Schools, through their structures and pedagogies, attempt to shape and control the behavior of students with the desire to develop people who willingly accept the status quo. This is accomplished by establishing school rituals that implicitly teach passivity and submission.”

“A student’s ability to demonstrate self-control and discipline is valued over questioning and free thinking. Schools reflect the hierarchical nature of the workspaces so that students will go from sitting in straight rows in absolute silence to working jobs that want them to be passive employees.”

This reflects my own experience in high school and initially led me to believe the article was much older than it actually is (published in 2014). It’s discouraging to hear that submission is valued over independent thought and, although there are work places that value this passiveness, I’d like to be optimistic and believe that a majority do not.



This past week I have continued to work though the Pole Wrapping techniques posted on Canvas. Many of them have specific instructions for wrapping fabric, thread, and compressing the fabric clockwise or counter clockwise. I’ve found this confusing, but refuse to be outsmarted by clocks! Drawing the numbers and arrows inside my tubes has been helpful. With each technique that consists of double dyings, I have been experimenting with using my weak and strong dye vats as well as flipping the fabric between dyings. While trying to be effective with my time and do multiple samples at once I was getting confused about which was the product of which; mine don’t always turn out close enough to the book to be recognizable. I began using sticky notes to label what sample was created with which technique. I plan to label each sample with a number and record in my Shibori notebook; each technique will be labeled with a number so that I don’t have to worry about sticky notes getting lost. I’m not sure I’ll have a need to recreate any of these samples but I would prefer to keep a detailed record of what process created what and what I’ve tried.



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