Mar. 18, 2021

I’ve been enjoying experimenting with folding-based Shibori techniques. I’ve also been trying out these videos on Youtube. Mine don’t always turn out like the video but I’m experimenting with how different fabric weights affect the results as well as manipulating the techniques.


My collection of samples is quite large and I’ve continued to create a label code to go with notebook documentation of the steps taken to achieve each sample. I really wish I had more time to experiment; there’s still so many techniques I want to try. 

It’s been challenging these past couple weeks to dedicate time to dyeing with so many deadlines coming up for other classes. I find some comfort in knowing that continuing to practice Shibori dyeing outside of class requires no additional equipment or space, so I could foreseeably continue to experiment on my own. I plan is to spend another day dyeing next week and hopefully one more the following week before focusing on my final project.

Final pole wrapping technique samples from previous week below.